NEAFL Round 7 - Ainslie v Redland



Ainslie played Redland in Round 7 of NEAFL in Windy Conditions at Redland's home ground.


The first quarter was a tough low scoring affair with the wind making kicking difficult. Ainslie had plenty of the play but couldn't take advantage and trailed Redland by a goal at quarter time. The game remained tight in the second quarter with Ainslie adding 4 goals to 3 but still trailed by a goal at half time. Ainslie's key forwards in Josh Bennett and Nick Salter were starting to get the ball and converting.


After half time Ainslie dominated the first 10 minutes but could not score. Redland were able to make two runs downfield against the trend and converted. Redland stretched the lead out to over 20 points before Ainslie hit back in the late stages of the quarter. Quick goals to Jeremy Hirst and Jordan Iudica were followed by goals to Josh Bennett and Nick Salter and Ainslie grabbed the lead at three quarter time by 2 points.


The last quarter was a real battle in the conditions. Goals to Nick Salter, Josh Bennett and Michael Lawless stretched Ainslie's lead to 20 points. Redland hit back with a couple of goals but Josh Bennett kicked truly to make the lead 16 points to Ainslie with only minutes to play. Redland were not done and kicked two more goals to close the gap to 4 points. The siren finally went after 35 minutes with Redland in attack to give Ainslie a hard fought victory by 4 points.


Finals score:  Ainslie 14.8-92 def Redland 13.10-88


Goal Kickers: J. Bennett 5, N. Salter 5, M. Lawless , J. Iudica , D. Williams , J. Hirst
Best Players: , C. Bernasconi , J. Bennett , I. Lawless , M. Lawless , J. Manton , N. Salter


Nick Heyne gathers the ball in the first quarter


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