Ainslie v Sydney Univ  -  NEAFL Rd 10



Ainslie travelled to Sydney to play their round 10 NEAFL game against Sydney University at Henson Park.


Unfortunately Sydney Univ gave Ainslie a football lesson. Ainslie were never allowed to get into the game due to the great pressure applied by Univ.


The following is a report from the NEAFL Website



SYDNEY UNI 6.0 10.7 16.12 22.14 (146)
AINSLIE 1.3 2.6 5.7 7.9 (51)


GOALS – Sydney University: T Barrett 5 D Bonney 4 J Derickx 3 T Young 2 S Fong 2 J Campbell 2 M Thompson J Turner E Sertbas J Law. Ainslie: N Salter 2 D Bowles 2 J Harper N Heyne C Barrie.
BEST – Sydney University: L Stevenson T Young T Barrett J Derickx E Sertbas K Barnes. Ainslie: S Ellis N Heyne D Bowles S Curtis T Vickers-Willis N Salter. 


Sydney University notched up its fifth consecutive victory to rocket into fourth place on the ladder with a 95-point thrashing of Ainslie at Henson Park.


The Tricolours were on the back foot early when the accurate Students kicked 6.0 to 1.3 in the opening quarter on their way to a 22.14 (146) to 7.9 (51) win.


Sydney Uni extended its lead to 49 points at half-time despite a wayward 4.7 for the term.


Another six goals to three effectively ended the contest at three-quarter time.


Tim Barrett finished with five goals and Damien Bonney 4 for the Students, who were led by Lewis Stevenson (24 disposals and five inside 50s) and Tom Young (29 disposals, eight clearances, eight inside 50s and two goals).


Nicholas Heyne (28 disposals, four inside 50s and a goal) was one of Ainslie’s top contributors alongside Damien Bowles (two goals) up forward and Simon Curtis (26 disposals and nine marks).


The Students jumped into fourth place after NT Thunder’s loss to Aspley, and will host the Territorians in a blockbuster clash at Henson Park this week.


Ainslie will fight to keep its place inside the top six when they tackle ladder leaders UWS Giants in Canberra.



Sean Ellis marks in front of a Sydney Univ opponent.

AFL Canberra Round 6 Results


In the local AFL Canberra League Ainslie's First Grade had a close battle with Queanbeyan at Alan Ray Oval, Ainslie.


After a good opening quarter kicking 6 goals Ainslie were goal-less in the second quarter. Queanbeyan held a 1 point lead at three quarter time but a couple of early goals opened up a good lead. Ainslie fought back to get back to within a point before the siren sounded.


Final score: Ainslie 12.10-82 def by Queanbeyan 12.11-83


Goal Kickers for Ainslie: M. Boak 3, W. Muir 2, C. Haining , D. Paine , M. Renet , P. Schroder , T. Ford , N. Foley , H. Phillips
Best Players: , M. Boak , H. Phillips , N. Foley , M. Sheldon , M. Renet , W. Muir


The Second Grade recorded the only win for an Ainslie team on the weekend by defeating Queanbeyan by 28 points.


Final score: Ainslie 11.12-78 def Queanbeyan 5.20-50


Goal Kickers: M. Davis 7, J. Foster-Greenwood 2, D. Mues , N. Readshaw
Best Players: , D. Stewart , M. Davis , Z. Madden , J. Foster-Greenwood , D. Hulm , M. Ahrens


The Rising Stars were defeated by Queanbeyan by 10 points after leading at three quarter time by 5 points.


Final score: Ainslie 9.7-61 def by Queanbeyan 11.5-71


Goal Kickers: J. Hogan 2, W. Beaumont , B. Jamieson , M. Ackland , W. Folkard , J. O''Connor , A. Smith , Z. Lindsay
Best Players: , H. Skacel , B. Jamieson , H. Palmer , H. Smith , W. Beaumont , J. Powell



The Fifth Grade played Goulburn at Goodhew Park and it was a very tough road-trip with top side Goulburn winning by a large margin.


Final score: Ainslie 2.3-15 def by Goulburn 16.13-169


Goal Kickers: A. Franklin , E. Marshall
Best Players: , A. Franklin , H. Wells , R. Ho , J. York , R. Johnson , R. Mannie


The Women's team played the late game at Ainslie but went down to an improving Queanbeyan side.


Final score: Ainslie 5.5-35 def by Queanbeyan 6.10-46


Goal Kickers: D. Curcio 2, M. Simmons , R. Friend , D. Bromley
Best Players: , E. Anderson , D. Curcio , P. Wilmot , J. George , M. Wells , H. Telford


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