AFL Canberra Round 4 Results



Ainslie First Grade travelled out to Greenway Oval to play Tuggeranong. For the first three quarters the young Ainslie team kept in contact with the older more experienced Tuggeranong side. Only 9 points separated the sides at three quarter time. Ainslie were well served by ruckman Matt Boak and Billy Muir and the midfield of Lachie Harper, Dan Ledda and Chris Barrie provided plenty of drive. Max Richardson and Tom Baker were solid in defence and Fraser Hawkins was providing a target up forward.


In the last quarter the experience of Tuggeranong showed as they out scored Ainslie 3 goals to 1 to win by 23 points.


Final Score: Ainslie 8.6-54 def by Tuggeranong 10.17-77

Goal Kickers: M. Sheldon, B. Perkins, P. Baccanello, L. Harper, S. Fisher, W. Muir, C. Barrie, F. Hawkins
Best Players: C. Barrie, L. Harper, M. Richardson, C. Boyton, F. Hawkins, T. Baker


Ainslie Second Grade also played Tuggeranong and came away with a good win over a side that was previously undefeated.


Final score: Ainslie 12.5-77 def Tuggeranong 3.14-32

Goal Kickers: M. Jillard 3, F. McFarlane 2, T. Ford 2, M. Ahrens, J. Paine, P. Schroder, Z. Greig, D. Hulm
Best Players: F. McFarlane, J. Foster-Greenwood, L. Merrington, N. Readshaw, D. Johns, Z. Madden


The Rising Stars completely dominated their game against Tuggeranong running out winners by a large margin.


Final score: Ainslie 26.18-174 def Tuggeranong 0.2-2

Goal Kickers: J. Hogan 8, N. Beaumont 5, H. Muir 2, M. Ackland 2, Z. Anderson 2, W. Folkard, A. Smith, A. Cummins, H. Smith, W. Beaumont, B. Roughton
Best Players: J. Hogan, N. Beaumont, W. Folkard, M. Ackland, H. Skacel, H. Muir


Fifth Grade found the going very tough against Cooma. After a fairly even first half Cooma kicked 9 goals to 4 to run out winners by 41 points.


Final score: Ainslie 8.11-59 def by Cooma 15.10-100

Goal Kickers: R. Johnson 3, E. Marshall 2, A. Ferrell, D. Paine, L. Powell
Best Players: R. Johnson, T. Ford, D. Paine, P. Nigg, M. White, A. Franklin


The Women's Team recorded their first win of the season when they defeated ANU.


Final score: Ainslie 8.13-61 def ANU 5.1-31

Goal Kickers: M. Simmons 3, S. Nelson, D. Curcio, A. Jenkins, R. Friend, H. Porter
Best Players: L. Hodge, K. Russell, E. Goodwin, S. Nelson, R. Friend, H. Porter



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