2015 Ainslie NEAFL and First Grade Squad

The NEAFL competition consisted of eleven teams, Ainslie, Aspley, Brisbane Lions, Eastlake, Gold Coast Suns, NT Thunder, Redland, Southport, Sydney Swans, Sydney University and UWS Giants. Canberra teams Belconnen and Queanbeyan withdrew from the NEAFL at the end of 2014 along with the Sydney Hills Eagles.


Ainslie finished the home and away games in ninth place with 5 wins, 12 losses and a draw missing out on the finals for the first time since joining the NEAFL in 2011.


Nick Salter was selected in the NEAFL Team of the Year.


Josh Bennett and Jordan Harper were selected to play in the NEAFL Representative team.


Josh Bennett was the Club’s leading goal kicker with 51 goals.


Former player and President Keith Heales was inducted into the AFL Canberra Hall of Fame.


Chris Rourke was Club Coach for the ninth season.

Manager: John O’Loughlin

Captain: Robert Tuohey

First Grade


The Seconds played in the AFL Canberra First Grade competition which consisted of six teams, Ainslie, Belconnen, Eastlake, Gungahlin, Queanbeyan and Tuggeranong.


Ainslie First Grade finished the home and away games in fourth place with 5 wins and 10 losses.


In the First Semi-Final Ainslie played Queanbeyan at Queanbeyan. Queanbeyan dominated the first quarter kicking 7 goals to 1 and Ainslie never recovered losing by 61 points.

Final score: Ainslie 5.8-38 def by Queanbeyan 14.15-99

Goal kickers for Ainslie: T Powell, F Hawkins, C Haining, C Boyton, B Tomkins

Best: D Ledda, M Richardson, F Hawkins, T Powell, P Schroder, J Costigan


Queanbeyan defeated a previously undefeated Belconnen to win the First Grade Premiership 15.5-95 to 10.11-71.


Coach: James Rice

Manager: Bill Matthews

2015 Ainslie Rising Stars (U18) Team

Rising Stars (U18)


The Rising Stars were in second place after the home and away games with 10 wins and 5 losses.


Ainslie defeated the top side Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final to go straight through to the Grand Final.

Final score: Ainslie 7.13-55 def Eastlake 6.3-39

Goal kickers for Ainslie: A Smith 2, J O’Connor 1, J Hedington 1, Z Lindsay 1, T Powell 1, N Foley 1

Best: W Beaumont, J Powell, H Richardson, M Ackland, T Ford, J O’Connor


In the Grand Final Ainslie played Marist with Marist winning the Premiership by 27 points. Marist kicked 5 goals to 1 in the second quarter and Ainslie couldn’t close the gap in the second half.

Final score: Ainslie 6.7-43 def by Marist 11.4-70

Goal kickers for Ainslie: N Foley 2, T Ford 1, M Pilbrow 1, N Beaumont 1, J Powell 1

Best: M Ackland, T Roughton, W Folkard, H Richardson, P Foley


Coach: Justin Foley

Ass.Coach: Richard Fisher

Manager: Andrew Powell

2015 Ainslie Second Grade Team

Second Grade (Thirds)


The Ainslie Second Grade team finished the home and away games in third place with 10 wins and 5 losses.


Ainslie played Queanbeyan at Queanbeyan in the First Semi-Final. Ainslie were able to defeat Queanbeyan by 65 points to move through to the Preliminary Final.

Final score: Ainslie 19.17-131 def Queanbeyan 10.6-66

Goal kickers for Ainslie: M Davis 5, D Mues 4, D Stewart 2, W Oldfield 2, D Paine 2, R Perry 2, T Moore 1, T Zouch 1

Best: D Paine, D Alsford, T Moore, A Thompson, M Jillard, T Zouch


Ainslie second Grade were defeated in the Preliminary Final by Belconnen to finish third.

Final score: Ainslie 3.7-35 def by Belconnen 9.9-63

Goal kickers for Ainslie: R Perry 3

Best: D Alsford, R Perry, B Rivers, T Zouch, G Tranter, A Mitchell

2015 Ainslie Regional Grade (Fourths) Team

Regional Grade (Fourths)


The Ainslie Regional team finished the home and away games in fifth place with 5 wins and 10 losses missing out on the finals.

2015 Ainslie Women's Team

The Ainslie Womens Team finished in second place in the Division 2 grade after the home and away with 5 wins and 8 losses.


Ainslie played Queanbeyan in the Second Semi-Final of Division 2 but were defeated.

Final score: Ainslie 1.2-8 def by Queanbeyan 10.9-69

Goal kicker for Ainslie: E Goodwin

Best: D Curcio, M Wells, E Anderson, J George, B Sandley, M Simmons


In the Preliminary Final Ainslie were defeated by Molonglo to finish third.

Final score: Ainslie 2.1-13 def by Molonglo 6.9-45

Goal kickers for Ainslie: A Jenkns 1, S Nelson 1

Best: R Friend, E Anderson, B Sandley, M Wells, J George, M Simmons


Meredith Wells played her 150th game for Ainslie.


Dani Curcio and Marley Simmons were selected in the AFL Canberra Women’s Team of the Year.

Marley Simmons, Rachel Friend, Teigan Hawke, Amber Allen, Zoe Allen and Emylee Hawke were selected for the ACT Women’s Representative team.


Coach: Brian James

Manager: Claire Galliford

Club Awards


First Grade


Best & Fairest: Nick Salter

Runner Up B&F: Nick Heyne

Third B&F: Sean Ellis

Coach’s Award: Jordan Harper

Rising Star: Liam Griffiths

Richard Fleming Memorial Award: Damien Bowles


First Grade (Reserves)

Best & Fairest: Lachlan Harper

Runner Up B&F: Hugh Phillips

Best Clubman: Josh Maynard

Coach’s Award: Max Richardson


Under 18

Best & Fairest: Mathew Ackland

Runner Up B&F: Nick Beaumont

Best Clubman: Harry Palmer

Most Promising Player: Jack Powell

Coach’s Award: Hamish Smith

Bev Trebilcock Award: Todd Ford


Second Grade (Thirds)

Best & Fairest: Darcy Paine

Runner Up B&F: Heath Wells, Mark Jillard

Best Clubman: Giles Tranter

Coach’s Award: Zach Madden

Most Improved: Ryan Johnson


Regional Grade (Fourths)

Best & Fairest: Rene Chawstowski

Runner Up B&F: Leigh Merrington

Best Clubman: George Craig

Best Team Man: Mitch Ahrens

Best First Year Player: Matthew Brown



Best & Fairest: Dani Curcio

Runner Up B&F: Marley Simmons

Coach’s Award: Breeana Sandley

Most Improved: Jessica George

Player’s Player: Emma Anderson


Most Prominent Clubman: Brian James

Club Officials


President: Ian Muir

Senior Vice President/ Secretary: Lee Phillips

Treasurer: John O’Loughlin

Committee: Ian Muir, Lee Phillips, John O’Loughlin. Brett Hannam, Troy Klep, Matthew Jamieson, Simon Holt, Gary Paine, James Barrett

Manager Football Operations: Craig Wallace


Patron: Barbara Marshall


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