2012 Ainslie NEAFL Squad

With the addition of two teams from Sydney there were 9 teams in the NEAFL Eastern Conference, Ainslie, Belconnen, Eastlake, Hills Eagles, Queanbeyan, Sydney Swans Reserves, Sydney University, Tuggeranong and UWS Giants. Teams in the Northern Conference were Aspley, Brisbane Lions Reserves, Broadbeach, Gold Coast Suns Reserves, Labrador, Morningside, Mt Gravatt, NT Thunder, Redland, Southport.


Ainslie finished the home and away games in third place with 12 wins and 6 losses.


Ainslie played the Sydney Swans Reserves in the Qualifying Final but were defeated by 79 points.

Final score: Ainslie 13.4-82 def by Sydney Swans 24.17-161

Goal kickers for Ainslie: K McGregor 5, R Tuohey 2, K Morris 1, J Costigan 1, I Lawless 1, L Highfield 1, N Paine 1, J Bennett 1

Best: J Fleming, A Harris, K McGregor, J Costigan, R Tuohey, K Morris


Ainslie played Eastlake in the Semi Final at Manuka Oval. Ainslie led by 13 points at three quarter time. In a very tense final quarter Eastlake hit the front with 5 minutes remaining but Ainslie fought back to level the score. With only seconds remaining an Eastlake player took a pack mark 40 metres out from goal. Kicking after the siren a point was scored to give Eastlake victory and leave Ainslie in fourth place.

Final score: Ainslie 11.8-74 def by Eastlake 10.15-75

Goal kickers for Ainslie: K McGregor 5, S Horner 2, J Costigan 1, M Crook 1, R Tutt 1, J Bennett 1

Best: D Walker, J Fleming, K McGregor, S Horner, A Harris, I Lawless


The Ainslie team for the Semi-Final was:

Ian Lawless (Capt.), K McGregor, Simon Horner, Ryan Tutt, Marcus Crook, Josh Bennett, Jed Costigan, Ash Harris, Jason Fleming, Dale Walker, Matthew Hearn, Damien Bowles, Michael Ghobrial, Jesse Griffin, Jeremy Hirst, Ryan Blundell, Shaun Cambell, Aaron Vandenberg, Corey Baxter, Kane Morris, Robert Tuohey, Lachlan Crook, Jack Cuzner.


Queanbeyan defeated the Sydney Swans in the Grand Final to win the NEAFL Eastern Conference Premiership, 18.13-121 to 13.13-91

Second Grade


Ainslie finished the home and away games in third position with 12 wins and 6 losses.


In the First Semi-Final Ainslie def Queanbeyan.

Goal Kickers for Ainslie: T. Davison 3, A. Grozinger 3, L. O'Neill 2, B. Alves 1, B. Hackett 1
Best: L. O'Neill, M. Mulroney, E. McCowan, T. Davison, A. Grozinger, M. Renet


Ainslie defeated Eastlake in the Preliminary Final.

Final score: Ainslie 7.4-46 def Eastlake 6.3-39

Goal kickers for Ainslie: T Davison 2, M Renet 2, A Grozinger 1, M Ghobrial 1, C Baxter 1

Best: R Blundell, M Mulroney, M Ablett, L O’Neill, J Hirst, S Playfair


Ainslie defeated Belconnen in the Grand Final to win the Premiership.

Final Score:  Ainslie 15.9-99 def Belconnen 9.6-60

Goal kickers for Ainslie: J. Whatman 4, B. Hackett 4, C. Baxter 3, J. Cuzner 2, S. Campbell 1, M. Renet 1
Best Players: C. Baxter, J. Whatman, S. Campbell, J. Cuzner, R. Tutt, M. Mulroney


Ainslie team for the Grand Final was:

Marc Ablett, Corey Baxter, Djali Bloomfield, Ryan Blundell, Seamus Bromley, Shaun Campbell, Jack Cuzner, Tim Davison, Michael Ghobrial, Alex Grozinger, Ben Hackett (Capt), Colin Haining, Jeremy Hirst, Ed McCowan, Mitch Mulroney, Fred Nortje, Lucas O’Neill, Sam Playfair, Matt Renet, Nathan Robertson, Ryan Tutt, Jake Whatman.


Djali Bloomfield won the League Best & fairest Award in Division 1, the McNamara Trophy.



Coach: Michael Johnston

Ass.Coach: John Tootell

Manager: Bill Matthews

Runner: Nick Louis

2012 Ainslie Under 18 Team

The Ainslie Under 18 team finished the home and away games in fifth position missing out on finals.


McKinley Drummond won the League Best & Fairest in the U18 Grade, the Wharton Medal.


Coach: Stuart Walsh

Ass.Coach: Greg Birch

Manager: Glenn Brown

2012 Ainslie Division 2 (Thirds) Team

The Ainslie Thirds team played in the AFL Canberra Division 2 Competition. At the end of the home and away games Ainslie were in fourth place with 10 wins and 6 losses.


Ainslie were defeated in the First Semi-Final by Belconnen. Ainslie led at half time by 10 points but Belconnen had a strong second half to run out winners by 42 points.

Final score: Ainslie: 6.7-43 def by Belconnen 12.13-85

Goal kickers for Ainslie: M Jillard 2, M Howe 1, M Davis 1, B Scholes 1, T Binks 1

Best: D Stewart, D Alsford, T Zouch, M Robertson, L Svilicic


Coach: Ben Kenny

2012 Ainslie Division 3 (Fourths) Team

Ainslie were able to support a fourths team for the first time in their history. The Ainslie Fourths team played in the AFL Canberra Division 3 Competition. At the end of the home and away games Ainslie were in tenth place out of 12 teams with 10 wins and 6 losses.


Coach: Andrew Ferrell

2012 Ainslie Women's Team

The Ainslie Women’s Team finished the home and away games in third position with 12 wins and 4 losses.


Ainslie were defeated by Tuggeranong in the First Semi-Final to finish in fourth position.

Final score: Ainslie 2.3-15 def by Tuggeranong 4.5-29

Goal kickers for Ainslie: H Gill 1, L Jones 1

Best: H Gill, M Wells, L Marzotto, F Nelson, L Jones, H Cogle


The Women’s Semi-Final team was:

Bianca Binns, Holly Cogle, Dani Curcio, Claire Galliford, Grace Gill, Hannah Gill, Danielle Glatz, Claire Haughey, Megan Johnson, Laura Jones, Luisa Marzotto, Fiona Nelson, Stephanie Nelson, Yvette Pavlis, Marley Simmons, Kate Stuckey, Larissa Treloar, Brie Weatherstone, Meredith Wells, Felicity Williams, Penelope Wilmot, Karen Winfield.


Others who played during the year were: Sacha Ardie, Sarah Baker-Goldsmith, Karina Demant, Sarah Dent, Rachel Friend, Kari Harlovich, Josephine Holzner, Kate Judd, Danielle Raimet, Kelly Salapak, Felicity Williams, Danielle Wills.


Holly Cogle, Karina Demant, Hannah Gill, Luisa Marzotto, Meredith Wells and Karen Winfield were selected in the ACT Representative Team.  Holly Cogle, Karina Demant, Hannah Gill and Meredith Wells were selected in the Women’s Grade Team of the Year.

Karina Demant played her 150th game for Ainslie. Hannah Gill played her 100th game.

Karina Demant led the Club’s goal kicking in the Women’s Grade with 24 goals.


Coach: Danielle Glatz

Ass. Coach: Stephen Staines

Manager: Bianca Binns


Club Awards


First Grade

Best & Fairest: Simon Horner

Runner Up B&F: Dale Walker

Third B&F: Nick Paine

Coach’s Award: Ryan Blundell

Rising Star: Jonathan Gourlay

Richard Fleming Memorial Award: Robert Tuohey


Second Grade

Best & Fairest: Corey Baxter, Ed McCowan

Runner Up B&F: Ben Hackett

Best Clubman: Peter Schroder

Coach’s Award: Stewart Gray


Under 18

Best & Fairest: McKinley Drummond

Runner Up B&F: Conor Dwyer

Best Clubman: Angus Nolan

Most Promising Player: Josh Maynard

Coach’s Award: Charlie Boyton

Bev Trebilcock Award: Patrick Barrett



Thirds (Division 2)

Best & Fairest: Drew Alsford

Runner Up B&F: Thomas Zouch

Best Clubman: Tim Binks

Coach’s Award: Mark Jillard

Most Improved: Morgan Howe


Fourths (Division 3)

Best & Fairest: Alex Bunday

Runner Up B&F: Cameron Prosser

Best Clubman: Kirk Demant

Coach’s Award: Brendon Hawkins



Best & Fairest: Karina Demant

Runner Up B&F: Holly Cogle

Coach’s Award: Fiona Nelson

Rising Star: Stephanie Nelson, Claire Haughey

Club Officials


President: Ian Muir

Senior Vice President: Salvo Delorenzo

Vice President: Gavin Pound

Secretary: Ian Haupt

Treasurer: John O’Loughlin

Committee: Ian Muir, Salvo Delorenzo, Ian Haupt, John O’Loughlin, Brett Hannam, Lee Phillips, Gavin Pound, Mark Sinclair, Joe Mann, Richard Baumhammer

Manager Football Operations: John Smith


Patron: Alan Ray


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