1991 Ainslie First Grade Team

The ACTAFL Competition had six teams, Ainslie, Belconnen, Queanbeyan, Southern District, Tuggeranong and Weston Creek.

Ainslie First Grade was in third position after the home and away games with 9 wins and 6 losses. Queanbeyan finished in top place.


Ainslie defeated Belconnen in the First Semi-Final by 100 points.
Final score: Ainslie 26.15-171 def Belconnen 10.11-71

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Fleming 9, Zochling 4, Ireland 4, Trebilcock 3, Hannam 3, Mohrwinkel 2, Art 1

Best: Zochling, Ireland, Wingate, Mohrwinkel, Carter, Art


Ainslie played Queanbeyan in the Preliminary Final. Ainslie had not beaten Queanbeyan during the season and Queanbeyan kept their record with a win by 18 points to end Ainslie’s season in third place.

Final score: Ainslie 12.12-84 def by 14.18-102

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Fleming 5, McCallum 2, Trebilcock 1, Ireland 1, Kelly 1, Wallensky 1, Mohrwinkel 1

Best: McCallum, Gibson, Ireland, Baxter, Fleming



Ainslie’s team for the Preliminary Final was:

Backs: Trebilcock, Scott Gibson, Greg Bishop

Half Backs: Carter, Matt Conway, Ian Muir

Centres: David McCallum, Maurice Wingate, Shane Art

Half Forwards: Kelly, Brett Hannam, McTaggart

Forwards: Jeff Mohrwinkel, Chris Fleming, Gerard Zochling

Rucks: Denton, Ireland, Baxter

Interchange from: Michael Richardson, Wallensky, Lynch

1991 Ainslie Second Grade Team

Ainslie Second Grade finished the home and away games in fourth position with 6 wins and 8 losses.


Ainslie played Queanbeyan in the First Semi-Final but were defeated by 10 points leaving them in fourth place.

Final score: Ainslie 10.14-74 def by Queanbeyan 12.12-84

Goal kickers for Ainslie: McHeachnie 3, Kelty 2, Collins 2, Palmer 1, Revet 1, Baxter 1

Best: Lynch, Simsons, Woodland, Baxter, Kemp

1991 Ainslie Under 19 Premiership Team

The Ainslie Under 19 team finished the home and away games in third position.


The Under 19s had a big win over Tuggeranong in the First Semi-Final.

Final score: Ainslie 23.16-154 def Tuggeranong 4.2-26

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Read 6, Edwards 5, Garland 2, Kent 2, Vincent 2, Dollimore, Graham, Salisbury, Tournier, Whelan, King

Best: Snowden, Whelan, Kent, O’Halloran, Edwards


Ainslie played Southern District in the Preliminary Final. Ainslie came from behind in the last quarter to win by 7 points and proceed through to the Grand Final.

Goal kickers for Ainslie: J Read 4, Edwards, Kent, Pulford, Whelan

Best: Kent, Dobson, Dolimore, Garland, Graham


In the Grand Final Ainslie upset a previously unbeaten Belconnen after an eight goal to one second quarter. Final score: Ainslie: 14.12-96 def Belconnen 8.10-58

Goal kickers for Ainslie: J Read 6, Pulford 2, Garland 2, Vincent, Salisbury, Edwards, King

Best: Garland, Dollimore, Snowden, Kent, Graham





The Monaro team had a difficult year and finished out of the finals.


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