1981 Ainslie First Grade Team

The ACTAFL Competition had 7 teams in 1981, Ainslie, Belconnen, Eastlake, Manuka, Queanbeyan, Sutherland and Weston Creek.


Ainslie finished the Home and Away games on top of the table with 15 wins and 3 losses. All the losses were to second placed team Manuka.


Ainslie played Manuka in the Second Semi-Final at Football Park, Phillip. Ainslie ran out winners by 83 points to go through to the Grand Final.
Final score: Ainslie 24.13-157 def Manuka 11.8-74
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Neale 4, Senjov 4, Brock 3, Holford 3, Nolan 3, McCormick 2, Miller 2, M Smith 2, Davey 1
Best: Heystraten, Stone, Nolan, M Smith, McCormick, Bellchamers, Marshall

Ainslie met Manuka again in the Grand Final and Manuka were able to reverse the Semi-Final result to win by 22 points leaving Ainslie as Runner-ups.
Final score: Ainslie 15.14-104 def by Manuka 18.18-126
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Neale 3, McCormick 3, Brock 2, Bellchambers 2, Mooney 2, Nolan 2, Senjov 1
Best: Croser, McCormick, Bellchambers, Holford, C Smith, Marshall


The Ainslie Grand Final team was:

Backs: Gordon Marshall, Greg Croser, Tony Ielasi
Half Backs: David Moon, Alan Smith, Brian Holford
Centres: Ron Davey, Ken Stone, Craig Smith
Half Forwards: Martin Smith, John Miller, Terry Mooney
Forwards: David Bellchambers, Kevin Neale, John Brock
Rucks: Hans Heystraten, Stephen Nolan, Jack McCormick
Interchange: Mick Senjov, David Monaghan


Ainslie won the Club Championship.


Keith Heales received the AFL merit certificate for outstanding service to football.

1981 Ainslie Second Grade Team

Ainslie Second Grade finished the Home and Away on top with 16 wins and 2 losses.


Ainslie played Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final and won by 59 points to proceed through to the Grand Final.
Final score: Ainslie 18.15-123 def Eastlake 9.10-64
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Taylor 3, Lawless 3, Hogan 3, Read 2, Alico 2, Foley 1, Michel 1, Birzenieks 1, Ryan 1, Hincksman 1
Best: Hogan, Triffett, Rendell


Ainslie were competing in their seventh straight Grand Final having won 5 and they had played in 13 Grand Finals since 1967.

After leading by 11 points at half time Ainslie were defeated by Eastlake in the Grand Final.
Final score: Ainslie 18.17-125 def by Eastlake 16.11-107
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Birzenieks 4, Foley 3, Ellis 3, Ryan 2, Michel 2, Read 1, Hogan 1
Best: Read, Ryan, Baxter, Triffett, Birzenieks, Lawless


Anthony Ryan was runner-up in the League’s Best & Fairest for the Second Grade.

1981 Ainslie Under 19 Team

The Ainslie U19 team finished in second place after the Home and Away games.


The Ainslie Under 19 team played Manuka in the Preliminary Final but were defeated by 21 points to finish in third place.
Final score: Ainslie 12.10-82 def by Manuka 16.7-103
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Nelson 2, Schmizz1 2, Kelty 2, Lond 2, Wright 1, Wilson 1, Vickers 1, Scoles 1
Best: Wright, Schmizzi, Michel, Wilson, Southwell


Malcolm Scholes finished in third place in the League’s U19 Best & Fairest Award.

Monaro League

The Ainslie Monaro team finished outside the top four.


Coach: John Truesdale
Captain: Nelson Blencowe
Manager: Gil Allen

Club Awards

First Grade
Best & Fairest: Stephen Nolan
Runner-up B&F: Hans Heystraten
Most Consistent: Greg Croser
Most Improved: Gordon Marshall
Best First Year Player: David Moon
Best Player in the Finals: Hans Heystraten


Second Grade
Best & Fairest: Tony Ryan
Runner-up B&F: Robbie Baxter
Most Consistent: Steve Ellis
Most Improved: Andy Birzenieks


Under 19
Best & Fairest: Malcolm Scholes
Runner-up B&F: Andrew Michel
Most Consistent: Phil Wilson
Most Improved: Anthony Maher


Best & Fairest: Graham Vickers
Runner-up B&F: Peter Lennox
Most Consistent: Nelson Blencowe
Most Improved: Michael Haberkorn

Clubman Award: Peter McNair


Club Officials

President: Keith Heales
Senior Vice President: Jack McGrath
Vice Presidents: John Bravo, Peter McNair, Peter Searle, Tom Talsma
Hon Secretary: Arthur Bennett
Ass Secretary: Greg Ryan
Treasurer: Alan Ray
Committee: Don Andrews, J Brown, Errol Delaney, R Garrett, Bruce Glossop, Roy Hancock, G Harwood, Ian Mulholland, Larry Rawson, K Slattery, Les Smith, M Smith


Patrons: Ralph Lewis, Harry Gaylard


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