1971 Ainslie First Grade Team

There were seven teams in the Canberra League in 1971, Acton, Ainslie, ANU, Belconnen, Eastlake, Manuka and Queanbeyan.


Ainslie finished the home and away games with 12 wins and 6 losses to be third on the ladder. Ainslie defeated the leaders Eastlake in the last round.

Ainslie played ANU at Ainslie Oval in the First Semi-Final and had a narrow victory by 5 points.

Final score: Ainslie 13.8-86 def ANU 12.9-81

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Johnson 4, Walsh 3, Read 2, Kershaw 1, M Smith 1, Stubbs 1, Johnston 1

Best: Henricksen, Read, Johnson, Layzell, Kershaw


The Preliminary Final between Ainslie and Manuka was held before a crowd of 2,400 at Ainslie Oval.

Manuka defeated Ainslie by 6 points after leading by 40 points early in the final term. Ainslie stormed home kicking the last 6 goals but it was not enough.

Final score: Ainslie 11.10-76 def by Manuka 10.22-82

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Walsh 3, Layzell 2, Johnson 2, M Smith 1, B Read 1, Stubbs 1, Gregory 1

Best: O Layzell, R Rendell, Henricksen, Hassett, C Smith



The Ainslie First Grade Preliminary Final team was:

Backs: K Hassett, Charles Smith, John Cusack

Half Backs: R Ramsey, B Hendricksen, Geoff McCormick

Centers: Barry Kershaw, Ralph Rendell, G Gardiner

Half Forwards: M Walsh, Martin Smith, Owen Layzell

Forwards: N Gregory, J Stubbs, B Read

Rucks: P Johnson, John Davies, B Johnston

Reserves: P Lott, Laurie Laffan


Barry Kershaw topped the Mulrooney votes for Ainslie with the winner being Bill Vaughan from Manuka.


Barry Browning was awarded an Australian National Football Council Merit Award for valuable service to Australian football.

1971 Ainslie Second Grade Team

Ainslie Second Grade finished second after the home and away games behind RMC.


In the Second Semi-Final RMC defeated Ainslie by 9 points.

Final score: Ainslie 10.10-70 def by RMC 12.7-79


Ainslie defeated Manuka in the Preliminary Final to advance through to the Grand Final.

Final score: Ainslie 22.6-138 def Manuka 10.16-76


The Second Grade team that played in the Preliminary Final was:

D Power, J Fusinato, R Robinson, D Davey, R Denley, B Ryan, K Wark, T Stewart, D Lalor, R Gowing, P Searle, K Heales, T Good, R Dunkeld, P Tormey, T White, I Talsma, D Napier, Reserves: C Price, B McCorry  Emergencies: P Talsma, J Lalor


In the Grand Final against RMC Ainslie were defeated by 17 points to end in second place.

Final score: Ainslie 7.7-49 def by RMC 9.12-66

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Dunkeld 2, Napier 2, Gowing 1, Searle 1, Wark 1



Bob Dunkeld topped the League’s Second Grade goal kicking with a record 155 goals. He also came third in the League’s Second Grade Best & Fairest, the J McNamara Trophy.

Under Age Teams


The Under 19 team finished in third place after being beaten by Manuka in the Preliminary Final.


Coach: John Williams

Manager: John Bravo


The Under 17 team finish as runner ups after being beaten by Manuka in the Grand Final.


Coach: Charles Smith

Manager: John McGrath




The Monaro Team did not make the finals.


Captain/Coach: Ron Edwards

Club Awards


First Grade

Best & Fairest: Brian Read

Runner Up B&F: Barry Henricksen

Most Consistent: Barry Kershaw

Most Improved: Martin Smith


Second Grade

Best & Fairest: Bob Dunkeld

Runner Up B&F: Karl Price

Most Consistent: Peter Searle

Most Improved: Peter Tormey


First Grade

Best & Fairest: Brian Read

Runner Up B&F: Barry Henricksen

Most Consistent: Barry Kershaw

Most Improved: Martin Smith


Under 19

Don Robertson memorial Trophy: Ian McDonald

Best & Fairest: Stewart Smith

Runner Up B&F: Ian McDonald

Most Consistent: Peter Shanley

Most Improved: Geoff Henry



Best & Fairest: Bruce Coe

Runner Up B&F: Ron Edwards

Most Consistent: Alan Scott


Under 17

Best & Fairest: Tom Talsma

Runner Up B&F: Robert Tutt

Most Consistent: Alan Smith

Most Improved: Ross Phillips

Coach’s Trophy: John McConville


Club Officials


President: Harry Gaylard

Senior Vice President: Alan Ray

Vice Presidents: P Kellaway, Bruce Palmer, W Smith

Secretary: Keith Heales

Ass Secretary: Jack McGrath

Treasurer: Barry Browning

Committee: G A Bennett, Bob Bloomfield, John Bravo, F Cornell, W Cousins, L Durkin, G Harwood, J McConville, J McKenzie, P Murdoch, Norm Neeson, B Norbury, C Smith, Ray Venables


Patrons: Ralph Lewis, R W Chew


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