1967 Ainslie First Grade Team

There were six teams in the Canberra League in 1967, Acton, Ainslie, ANU, Eastlake, Manuka and Turner-Queanbeyan.


Ainslie played Manuka in the Second Semi-Final at Ainslie Oval. Manuka were too good winning by 60 points.

Final score: Ainslie: 8.10-58 def by Manuka 16.22-118

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Neeson 3, Hassett 2, O’Toole 1, Ryan 1, Rendell 1

Best: Bloomfield, Tucker, O’Toole, Ryan, Neeson, Edwards, Black


In the Preliminary Final at Ainslie Oval Eastlake defeated Ainslie by 20 points.

Final score: Ainslie 10.13-73 def by Eastlake 14.9-93

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Hassett 4, Cox 2, Neeson 2, Drake 1, Moore 1

Best: O’Toole, Cox, Tucker, Hassett, Drake, Kershaw


The Ainslie First Grade Preliminary Final team was:

Backs: Michael Noonan, Charlie Smith, Bob Dunkeld

Half Backs: Murdoch, Tucker, Edwards

Centres: Ralph Rendell, Ricky Moore, Barry Kershaw

Half Forwards: Bill Drake, Alan Bloomfield, Kevin Hassett

Forwards: Cox, Norm Neeson, Mick Warren

Rucks: O’Toole, Peter Searle, Bernie Ryan

Reserves: John McMillan, Tony Irvine


Manuka defeated Eastlake in the Grand Final 11.15-81 to 6.13-49 to win its first Premiership in 12 years.


Ainslie won the L J Hooker Shield as the pest Performed Club.


Norm Neeson was the leading goal kicker in the League with 60 goals for the season.


Bill Drake was appointed Captain/Coach of the Canberra Representative team. Other Ainslie players who played Representative football in 1967 were Alan Bloomfield, Ric Moore, Laurie O’Toole, Brian Read, Charles Smith and Tony White.

1967 Ainslie Second Grade Premiership Team

Second Grade


The Ainslie Second Grade played Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final and had a win by 5 points.

Final score: Ainslie 6.5-41 def Eastlake 5.6-36

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Gowing 2, Read 2, Sanderson 1, Rowe 1

Best: Dunkeld, Noonan, Read, Heales, Metha, Ryder


Ainslie won its First Second Grade Premiership for 21 years when they defeated Eastlake in the Grand Final at Manuka Oval. Ainslie Captain Keith Heales kicked 7.7 in a best on ground performance.

Final score: Ainslie 16.11-107 def Eastlake 4.11-35

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Heales 7, W Blomfield 3, Dunkeld 2, Sanderson 1, Rowe 1, Gowing 1, Irvine 1

Best: Heales, Layzell, Irvine, Blomfield, Metha, Dunkeld, Price, Sanderson, Stankevicious


The Ainslie Second Grade Grand Final team was:

Dunkeld, Murphy, Noonan, Lalor, Metha, Cross, Price, Layzell, Read, McCulloch, Gowing, Sanderson, Laffin, Rowe, Heales, Irvine, Stankevicious, Blomfield, Ryder, Harris


Captain: Keith Heales, Vice-Captain: R Gowing




Third Grade


Ainslie defeated Eastlake by a point in the Third Grade Second Semi-Final.

Final score: Ainslie 6.9-45 def Eastlake 6.8-44

Goals for Ainslie: Slattery 2, Muir 1, Harris 1, McCulloch 1, Delaney 1

Best: Bravo, Ryder, Harris, Muir, Slattery


Ainslie met Eastlake again in the Grand Final but Eastlake reversed the result winning by 16 points.

Final score: Ainslie 5.12-42 def by Eastlake 8.10-58

Goal kickers for Ainslie: McCulloch 2, Harris 1, Brokken 1, Quinn 1

Best: McDonald, Ryder, McCullouch, Muir, Brokken


Coach: Tom Moore, Captain: Peter McDonald, Vice Captain: John Bravo





The Ainslie Colts team were defeated in the Second Semi-Final by Manuka.

Final score: Ainslie 2.7-19 def by Manuka 3.11-29

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Lancaster, Organ

Best: C Smith, P Tormey, Mathews, Martin


The Colts lost the Preliminary Final against Eastlake to finish in third place.

Final score: Ainslie 9.6-60 def by Eastlake 9.12-66

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Lancaster 5, Tormey 1, Short 1, Bloomfield 1, O’Rourke 1


Coach: Les Durkin

Captain: Charles Smith, Vice-Captain: Graham Read





The Ainslie U17 Intermediate grade team defeated Manuka 2 team in the First Semi-Final.

Final score: Ainslie 20.36-156 def Manuka 2 0.1-1

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Parker 5, Wark 4, Cliff 4, Jones 3, Laird 2, Burmeister 1, Carter 1

Best: Wark, Cliff, Burmeister, Laird


In the Preliminary Final Ainslie were defeated by Eastlake to finish third.

Final score: Ainslie 3.8-26 def by Eastlake 6.5-41

Goal kickers for Ainslie: Jones 1, Cliff 1, Laird 1

Best: Wark, Harris, Laird, West


Coach: Bob Hincksman

Club Awards


First Grade

Best & Fairest: P Tucker

Runner Up B&F: G Cox

Most Consistent: B Ryan

Most Improved: P Murdoch


Second Grade

Best & Fairest: Owen Layzell

Runner Up B&F: K Price

Most Consistent: Keith Heales

Most Improved: Bob Dunkeld


Third Grade

Best & Fairest: Peter McDonald

Runner Up B&F: D Ryder

Most Consistent: B Coombe

Most Improved: J Regent



Best & Fairest: J Smith

Runner Up B&F: M Martin

Most Consistent: P Tormey

Most Improved: Graham Read

Coach’s Trophy: C Smith



Best & Fairest: D Laird

Runner Up B&F: K Wark

Most Consistent: P Harris

Most Improved: M Smith

Club Officials


President: Harry Gaylard

Senior Vice President: J Rowe

Vice Presidents: C Burmester, P Clynes, M Denley, A Hawke, J Humphreys-Reid, H E Kruger, J B McCabe, H McCulloch, B Martin, Norm Neeson, Stan Ray, R Read, A Rendell, M Taafe

Treasurer: Barry Browning

Secretary: Alan Ray

Ass. Secretary: J Spencer


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