1966 Ainslie First Grade Team

There were six teams in the Canberra League in 1966, Acton, Ainslie, ANU, Eastlake, Manuka and Queanbeyan-Turner.


Ainslie finished the home and away games in second position with 10 wins and 5 losses behind Eastlake with 13 wins.


Ainslie defeated Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final played at Ainslie Oval to go through to the Grand Final.
Final score: Ainslie 15.14-104 def Eastlake 12.13-85
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Neeson 5, Moore 2, Cooper 2, Ryan 2, Searle 2, Drake 1, Rendell 1
Best: Neeson, Searle, Read, Moore, Edwards, Irvine, Laffan, Drake


Eastlake defeated Manuka in the Preliminary Final to set up a rematch with Ainslie. Ainslie couldn’t stop Eastlake from winning their fifth straight Premiership which was a record at the time.
Final score: Ainslie 8.17-65 def by Eastlake 13.16-94
Goal kickers for Ainslie: W Drake 2, A Black 2, P Searle 1, N Neeson 1, R Edwards 1, R Moore 1

Best: W Drake, N Neeson, P Martin, W Blomfield, R Edwards, B Read, R Rendell, P Searle


The Grand Final team was:

Backs: A Black, R Moore, R Cooper

Half Backs: Peter Searle, Norm Neeson, Bernie Ryan

Centres: Ralph Rendell, W Blomfield, Brian Read

Half Forwards: P Martin, Alan Bloomfield, G Gardiner

Forwards: Kevin Hassett, Laurie Laffan, J Stankevicious

Rucks: A Irvine, R Edwards, William Drake


Ainslie won the L J Hooker Shield for the Best Performed Club.


Bill Drake the Ainslie Captain/Coach won the Mulrooney Medal with 19 votes from Eastlake’s Alex Jesaulenko on 14.

Second Grade


Ainslie Second Grade team finished the home and away games in top position.


Ainslie were beaten by Manuka in the Second Semi-Final.
Final score: Ainslie 5.5-35 def by Eastlake 13.10-88



Third Grade


The Third Grade team was coached by Tom Moore and Captained by Les Durkin.

Won the Premiership.





In the Intermediate Grand Final Ainslie drew with Eastlake to force a replay.
Final score: Ainslie 4.6-30 drew with Eastlake 4.6-30.

Ainslie were able to win the replay and the Premiership.


Graham Read the Intermediate Captain won the League’s Best & Fairest for this grade, the George Mahoney Memorial Trophy.

Club Awards


First Grade

Best & Fairest: Bill Drake

Runner Up B&F: G Gardiner

Most Consistent: P Martin

Most Improved: Brian Read

Best Clubman: B Jaffray


Second Grade

Best & Fairest: K Hackett

Runner Up B&F: R Gowing

Most Consistent: W Brown

Most Improved: M Noonan



Third Grade

Best & Fairest: Owen Layzell

Runner Up B&F: K Price

Most Consistent: A Calear

Most Improved: R Denley



Best & Fairest: B Ryan

Runner Up B&F: R O’Rourke

Most Consistent: V Evans

Most Improved: R Kruger



Best & Fairest: A White

Runner Up B&F: G Read

Most Consistent: P Tormay

Most Improved: L Hogan

Club Officials


President: Harry Gaylard

Senior Vice President: J Rowe

Vice Presidents: C Burmester, P Clynes, M Denley, A Hawke, J Humphreys-Reid, H E Kruger, H McCulloch, B Martin, R Read, A Rendell, J Rowe, M Taafe

Secretary: Alan Ray

Treasurer: Barry Browning

Ass. Treasurer: Keith Heales

Committee: F Cornell, T Cross, P Gilbert, R Hall, K Hassett, A Hawke, B Jaffray, L James, N Neeson, J Nelson


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