1955 Ainslie First Grade Team

There were six teams in the Canberra League in 1955, Ainslie, Eastlake, Manuka, Queanbeyan-Acton, RMC and Turner.


Ainslie First Grade finished the 1955 season in 5th Position.

Second Grade finished in 4th position but were defeated in the First Semi Final.


19 Year old Ainslie player Barry Browning won the 1955 Mulrooney Medal becoming one of the youngest players to win. Browning polled 15 votes to win by 1 vote.


Photo right: Barry Browning



Coach: Thomas Evans


Ainslie players who were selected to play for the ACT

Representative team against Tasmania were

Barry Browning, Alan Ray, Don Robertson and Bill Keogh


John Loftus was the leading goal kicker for Ainslie

First Grade with 25 goals.



Manuka defeated Queanbeyan-Acton in the Grand Final,

12.11-83 to 8.6-54, to win the Premiership.

Second Grade


Second Grade finished in 4th position but were defeated in the First Semi Final by Manuka.

Final score: Ainslie 4.5-29 def by Manuka 4.16-40

Goal kickers for Ainslie: McCullough 2, Marryat 1, Webb 1

Best: Boorn, Evans, McCullough, Marryat, Webb




The Ainslie Juniors and Sub-Juniors were both defeated in the Preliminary Final to finish in third place.


The Ainslie Junior team were defeat by Manuka by 1 point.

Final score: Ainslie 2.6-18 def by Manuka 2.7-19


The Sub-Junior team was also defeated by Manuka.

Final score: Ainslie 6.3-39 def by Manuka 6.13-49


Ainslie won the Atoms and the Midgets Premierships.


The Ainslie Atoms defeated Manuka

Final score: Ainslie 1.2-8 def Manuka 1.1-7


The Ainslie Midgets defeated Eastlake.

Final score: Ainslie 3.3-21 def Eastlake 1.4-10

Club Awards


First Grade

Best & Fairest: Alan Ray

Most Consistent: Barry Browning

Most Improved: B Gale


Second Grade

Best & Fairest: T Graham

Most Consistent: F Marryat

Most Improved: P Emmery

Best Clubman: M Brindley



Best & Fairest: D Reid

Most Consistent: P Kimber

Most Improved: P Charlton


Sub Juniors

Best & Fairest: W Ross

Most Consistent: B Kershaw

Most Improved: P Ross



Best & Fairest: I McKay

Most Consistent: J Davies

Most Improved: P Kershaw


Atoms A

Best & Fairest: J Truesdale

Most Consistent: J Williams

Most Improved: D Grubb

Coach’s Prize: W Cookran


Atoms B

Best & Fairest: R Shannon

Most Consistent: K Metcalfe

Most Improved: M DePlater


Club Officials


President: Bruce Whatman

Senior Vice-President: Stan Ray

Vice Presidents: A Bryan, J Cleary, Tom Evans, C Gregory, J Horgan, M F Kildea, H E Kruger, Ralph Lewis, M Martin, J Watt

Secretary: Charles Ratford

Treasurer: H Garner

Committee: Tom Moore, H E Kruger, B J McCabe, Jim Keegan, Don Ross, J Hipwell, F Marryat, J Cleary


Patron: J C Moore


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