The Canberra Football League in 1935 consisted of five teams, Acton, Ainslie, Eastlake, Manuka and Queanbeyan.


After the home and away season Ainslie finished as Minor Premiers losing only 1 game. The Second Semi Final was played at Northbourne Oval between Ainslie and Manuka. In what was regarded as one of the best games for years Ainslie were able to win by 5 points.

Final score:  Ainslie 12.8-80 def Manuka 11.9-75
Goal Kickers for Ainslie: Collins 6, Leader 3, Lalor 2, James 1
Best: James, Spendelove, Lalor, Atkinson, Williams, Dee, Bryan, Leader


The Ainslie team for the Semi-Final was:
Backs: Sutton, Spendelove, Lyng
Half Backs: Williams, D Moore, Martin
Centres: McNamara, Atkinson, Neill
Half Forwards: Bryan, C Moore, Loftus
Forwards: James, Collins, Leader
Ruck: Watts, Lalor (Capt.), Dee

Ainslie met Manuka again in the Grand Final on Saturday 21 September  at Manuka Oval. Manuka were able to win their second Premiership by defeating Ainslie by 25 points in very windy conditions.

Final score: Ainslie 4.11-35 def by Manuka 5.11-41.
Goal kickers for Ainslie: Collins 2, Leader 1, Lee 1
Best: Atkinson, Lalor, C Moore, Martin, Collins, Spendelove, McNamara


The Ainslie Grand Final team was:
Backs: Lyng, Spendelove, Williams
Half Backs: Gribble, D Moore, Martin
Centres: Neill, Atkinson, McNamara
Half Forwards: Lees, Moroney, Bryan
Forwards: Watts, Collins, Leader
Ruck: Lalor, James, Dee    19th: Loftus  Emergencies: Prowse, Sutton


Ainslie had improved greatly over the four years since 1932 when it failed to win a game.

The 1934 Annual report stated that the 1935 season will see the culmination of the “Four-year plan” embarked upon in 1932, when the club adopted a policy of building up a team of young footballers. It stated that “the material now available has more than justified this policy.”


The First Grade team was coached by J Keogh and Captained by C Lalor.



Club Awards


Best & Fairest (Hibberson Cup): Sam Dee
Most Improved Player: Don Moore
Best Playing Club Member: A Bryan
Best Player in Grand Final: S Atkinson
Most Unselfish Player: Lionel James
Most Attentive to Training: Norman Lyng


A gold wrist watch was awarded to the Most Useful Player, George Collins, who kicked a League Record 125 goals for the season.



The Ainslie Juniors team won its six successive Premiership by defeating Eastlake in the Grand Final.
Final score: Ainslie 10.14-74 def Eastlake 0.4-4
Best for Ainslie: Connelly, Kennard, Law


The Ainslie Junior Team for the Grand Final was:
J Connelly (Capt.), G McInerney (V.Capt), G Baker, C Law, E Johnson, N Peterson, W Taylor, J Colwell, G Robertson, R Kennard, J Eason, R Mulligan, K Prowse, A Stevens, W Boorn, M Hall, Bob Kennard, R Laird.

Much of the Juniors success was due to the hard work of C Kennard and Alf Sutton.



Office Bearers

President: C Gregory
Vice Presidents: P Kaufman, W Bushby, T Gillard, J Mulrooney, C O’Keefe, E Spendelove, M Martin
Hon Vice President: J Irvine
Committee: S Dee, C Kennard, R Lewis, P McNamara, R Spendelove, R Irwin, K Lalor, S Rhodes
Hon Secretary: J Knight
Ass Secretary: H Baker
Treasurer: J Horgan
League Delegates: A Sutton, M Martin, G Millard
Auditors: N Lyng, A H Boorn
Time Keeper: G Millard

Coach: J Keogh

A H Boorn, the retiring Secretary, was awarded Life Membership.


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